We are a law firm operating in the form of a professional partnership since 2006.

We successfully combine the traditional approach to providing legal services, by taking into account trust and reliability, with innovative, unconventional thinking and constructive problem solving. Efficiency is the primary objective of our business.

Our experience and knowledge, including long-term experience and knowledge of law firm's partners and creativity in legal assistance, are a guarantee to provide effective legal counsel. Consistency and focus on the matters entrusted to us create the opportunity to develop expert and legal opinions and develop strategies, aimed at making optimal business decisions.

We offer legal assistance in a wide range, including civil, commercial and company law, also in legal English and German, as well as in litigation and administrative proceedings.

We use effectively expert knowledge and experience in the real estate law, cocntruction process, including construction law and claim management in order to advise public finance sector, including universities and local government units and entrepreneurs, also entrepreneurs operating worldwide.

We also cooperate with notaries public and bailiffs in order to render complementary legal services.

The recommendations that we receive from our clients due to our commitment and effective legal assistance, confirm the positive assessment of our work, ensuring consequently that the established cooperation will be carried out on the basis of trust, understanding and confidentiality.

Each of the issues presented to us is treated individually, by using an interdisciplinary legal knowledge and professional experience of our team. The inherent part of the analysis of each case is also a direct conversation with the client which we have in our office, putting emphasis on comfort and safety issues.